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Virtusity Talk

Productive engineer’s toolbox

Be faster by getting rid of your mouse.
Find Chrome tabs in the ocean of hundred opened windows in seconds.
Take a walk and let your long-running tests call you when they fail.
Use fuzzy search to find tabs, windows, files, code and terminal commands.

This talk will show a lot of less known productivity tips & tricks for macOS, IntelliJ and shell.

Medium: minimal experience with IntelliJ and command line. Recommended familiarity with macOS, but alternatives for other operating systems will also be shown.
29th November at 3:30 p.m. (45minutes)
Virtusity talk
Michał Fudała
Software engineer @VirtusLab with a full stack background. Uses JVM tech daily. Kotlin fan, DevOps wannabe, macOS and IntelliJ tooling nerd.
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