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May 29th-30th and June 12th-13th

Lightbend Scala Language – Expert

The power of Scala’s type system, unleashed – advanced object functional programming, implicits, and more. Leverage rich language features to create well-designed libraries or DSL’s, utilizing proven best practices.

Advanced - knowledge of and practical experience with Scala is assumed as taught in Lightbend Scala Language - Professional
4 days - 4 hours of classroom time each day, plus breaks (3pm-7pm)
Students bring their own laptops with Java 8
Hands-on mastery - attendees code through workshop case study and explore how to solve the toughest Scala challenges in their own work
Jerzy Müller
Scala programmer since 2011, Scala Trainer since 2014. Dabbles in all kind of technology, mostly JVM-related.
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