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July 6th and July 13th

Lightbend Akka for Scala – Professional

This course introduces experienced Scala developers to the reactive Akka toolkit. The combination of hands-on work and exercises in this course provide the perfect environment to best learn to use Akka with Scala.

Intermediate - knowledge of and practical experience with Scala is assumed
2 days - 8 hours each day, plus breaks
Attendees bring their own laptops with Java 8
Extensive hands-on coding - students develop a workshop case study and produce a fully functional application that is event-driven and resilient
Paweł Lipski
Scala Engineer @ VirtusLab, with a long-standing inclination towards git hacking :) Currently maintaining git machete (, aka "probably the sharpest git repository organizer & rebase workflow automation tool you've ever seen" as a hobby project.
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