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Virtusity Workshop

Functional approach to complex domains

You will learn how to combine functional and domain-driven (DDD) techniques to create a fully-working, maintainable, testable and highly decoupled system. A system which covers a complex business domain and which is created in a tight cooperation with business people. Participants of this workshop will be modelling and implementing a real-life example of a school lesson in Kotlin and Cucumber for tests.

Intermediate, knowledge of DDD and Kotlin is welcome but not a blocker, we will be there to help
16th - 17th December 2 days - 4 hours (including breaks)
Your own laptop and IDE supporting Kotlin/Cucumber is a must
Participants will get their hands on the full process of developing a business-oriented system. From event storming to production!
Krzysiek Kruczyński
Kotlin lover, Domain-Driven Design evangelist, full-time software engineer with a full stack background. Going with a business idea to production ASAP is his hobby.
Konrad Jakubiec
Open-minded Software Engineer specializing in designing and building well crafted distributed systems. Passionate about Domain-driven Design, Reactive Microservices and Event-driven architecture.
Szymon Gąsienica-Kotelnicki
Software Engineer passionate about exploring ways of applying functional programming to deliver business value.
Do you have any questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to let us know!